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Regular Strength +Prebiotic Anti-Itch Creme

Instant lasting relief from everyday itch

Customer reviews for Regular Strength +Prebiotic Anti-Itch Creme

Because you shouldn’t have to put up with a vaginal itch - for any reason.

Many women experience occasional itch – that annoying, distracting intimate itch that they associate with their period, tight clothes, even perspiration. Any of these occurrences can disrupt your bacterial balance resulting in odor, itching, and irritation. Vagisil Itch Relief Creme + Prebiotic stops itch instantly. And only Vagisil is infused with LactoPrebiotic® and patented Odor Block technology.

Instant relief from itch associated with

  • Periods
  • Clothing
  • Perspiration

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Customer reviews for Regular Strength +Prebiotic Anti-Itch Creme